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Her Prerogative
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// about
her_prerogative is a community started by popxwhore25 and dedicated to posting LiveJournal icons & graphics of "the legendary miss Britney Spears".
// rules
// All members are allowed to post to this community. Membership is open to everybody. Just follow the following rules, please.
o1. ONLY Britney Spears LJ icons & graphics are allowed to be posted.
o2. Icons are to be put behind an LJ cut. A maximum of 3 teasers is allowed.
o3. Please credit the maker if using his/her graphics and not the community. Credit is NOT an option.
o4. Do not hotlink, edit, or claim the graphics posted here as your own.
o5. Do not advertise any communities or websites. Posts advertising and promoting other communities will be deleted and the poster banned. Just don't do it, promise? :-D
o6. Posts will automatically be made members only. Do not edit them to make them public.
// credits
layout header by our former maker and co-owner, wrecklessly
layout profile code thanks to reversescollide

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